The Summer Village of White Sands is situated on the southeast shore of beautiful Buffalo Lake.  Located in the heart of Central Alberta in the Aspen Parkland Region, Buffalo Lake is the largest lake in the area, spanning 124 km² (55 sq. miles).  Excellent fishing, boating and water skiing, along with a broad natural white sand beach, make White Sands a favourite.  The neighbouring countryside is a nature lover's paradise, with rolling hills, several acres of wildlife habitat, and one of the largest migratory paths for birds in North America.  Deer, moose, coyote, owls, pelicans, geese, and countless other birds and animal species make this area their home.

The Summer Village of White Sands has a permanent population of 120 according to the last census, and also has a number of seasonal residents.  No camping facilities are available in the Summer Village of White Sands.

Update: Effective as of today Nov 25th, 2020 the White Sands hall with be closed to any functions or classes. We will keep you updated. Thanks, Lorne Thurston for Village Council.

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Letter to residents regarding COVID-19
Spring 2020 Newsletter

Buffalo Lake South Shore Intermunicipal Development Plan (BLSSIDP) related items:
Sept. 28. 2020 Press Release: Mediation process recessed
Sept. 25, 2020 Press Release: Mediation protocols
June 5, 2020 response letter to County following phase 3 of the dispute resolution
Mar.11, 2020 Request from County
to Initiate Dispute Resolution for request to allow 325 dwelling units
Jan.13, 2020 Request from County to Amend the Density in the Buffalo Lake South Shore Intermunicipal Development Plan (BLSSIDP)
      Response letter (Feb. 14, 2020)

Buffalo Lake Intermunicipal Development Plan (BLIDP) related items:
Memo (originally to Council) summarizing proposed changes
IDP given first reading by Council
Ad for Public Hearings

Is there a Fire Ban?

Lots are available in 
Buffalo Lake Ranch Estates

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