Emergency Information

The Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler have a regional partnership for emergency management services.  This program involves preparedness for, response to, and recovery from, emergencies and disasters.

Plan Ahead

Get ready today - The best protection in an emergency is knowing what to do.
Be aware - Identify potential disasters or hazards and learn about their effects.
Have emergency numbers and family contact numbers available.
Prepare survival kits - They could save your life.
Know your Disaster Action Plan - Discuss and prepare with your family.
Enroll in a First Aid course.
Join in your community disaster response team.



During a Disaster
  • For 72 hours it is expected that you survive on your own.
  • After 72 hours, authorities will contact you and re-locate you to the Disaster Response Center.
  • You need a battery powered radio so authorities can contact you.
  • Stettler's Disaster Response Center is located at William E. Hay Composite High School.
  • 10 ft­² of floor space per person provides sufficient oxygen for up to 5 hours.

  • never enter a damaged building, even if it looks safe
  • you can obtain water from a water heater, toilet tank, or melted ice cubes
  • boil contaminated water for 5 minutes or add 1 drop of bleach per liter.  Let stand 30 seconds before drinking
  • disinfect floodwater in basement by mixing 2 litres of bleach into it every 3 days
  • stay away and alert authorities if you see hanging power lines or damaged pipes

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