2013 Garden Contest Demonstrates Effort and Beauty

As in years past, residents of Stettler could nominate themselves or their neighbours to be recognized for having uniquely beautiful or noteworthy yards, gardens or containers.  The Heartland Beautification Committee organized the 2013 Garden Contest, with the three categories including Best In-ground Yard/Garden, Best Container Garden and Best Edible Garden.  The yards and gardens that were nominated represent just a few of the many great examples that are evident throughout Stettler.  Each epitomizes the loving care, hard work, effort and personal touch that are a part of any garden.

 In 2013, there were three in-ground yards/gardens and one edible garden that were nominated by neighbours or other residents for recognition.

In-ground Gardens

Mrs. Donna Penosky (53rd Street)

Anyone driving around Stettler will note the yard that stands out from the others under the sweeping canopy of the nearby Elm trees.  Featuring interestingly shaped topiary shrubs and a dazzling mix of annual and perennial flowers that provide variety in terms of shape, size and colour (flowers and foliage), this garden is full of beauty year round.  The vegetable garden is enclosed by a low, wave-shaped hedge and each part of the yard shows many hours of careful attention and work.

Mr. & Mrs. Reg & Darlene Hunter (54th Street)

As you drive near the public schools, you will notice a beautifully maintained yard with colourful annual flowers, climbing vines and interesting trees and shrubs that jumps out at you.  The tiered retaining walls contain big bunches of bright annual flowers.  Every piece of the yard contains an interesting feature.

Mr. & Mrs. T. Hermus (50A Avenue)

While this yard may not jump all over you visually, the flower beds contain a wide range of different plants, which means that the gardens are changing almost every day.  It is exciting to watch them change and see the many different examples of what you can grow in a bed.  Sometimes flowers appear, while other days feature interesting foliage or unique shapes.  This garden keeps on giving, year after year (new things appear all the time).

Edible Gardens

The Zollers

There are lots of nice plots at either of the community gardens in Stettler, however the obvious care and attention that the Zollers gave to their garden plot is worth noting. Featuring some slightly raised beds, the garden plot was productive and free from weeds and a great example for the other gardeners.


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