When do I need to obtain a new Dog and Cat license for the current year?

Dog and Cat license tags which are purchased for any calendar year are effective and valid from January 1st to December 31st regardless of when the tag is purchased and only for the year indicated on the license tag. For example, a dog or cat license tag purchased in April of 2016 is only valid until December 31st, 2016. License fees for dogs and cats are as follows:

  • Spayed/Neutered Dogs and Cats: $25.00
  • Unaltered Dogs and Cats: $50.00

The Town of Stettler offers a $10.00 discount for dog and cat licenses during the month of January, therefore animal license fees from January 1st to January 31st of any calendar year are as follows:

  • Spayed/Neutered Dogs and Cats: $15.00
  • Unaltered Dogs and Cats: $40.00

Dog and cat license tags can be purchased at the Stettler Town Office located at 5031 - 50 Street, Stettler, Alberta.

What regulations are there for walking a dog or cat in Stettler?

Off Leash

The Stettler Dog Bylaw #2050-14 and Cat Bylaw #2049-14 both restrict any dog or cat to run off leash or “Run at Large” while in the care of any owner or person in care and control of the animal. For residents who wish to allow their dog off leash the Stettler off leash dog park is located next to the Stettler Auction Mart (corner of 52 Avenue and 42 Street). Any other area of Stettler is
not considered an off leash area and your dog or cat must remain on a leash. 

Collar and License

Both the Stettler Dog Bylaw #2050-14 and Cat Bylaw #2049-14 both state that any dog or cat which is off the property of an owner or person in care and control of the animal must be wearing a collar which is suitable for the size and weight of the animal and be wearing a valid current year Stettler License Tag.


What sidewalks am I responsible for which are around my house?

The Bylaw which pertains to the maintenance of sidewalks by a Stettler resident at this time is the Stettler Traffic Bylaw #1941-06, Section 405. All Stettler residents who own a property or who are occupying a property in Stettler which has any adjacent sidewalk on any side of the property is responsible for the cleanliness of the adjacent sidewalk. This means the owner or occupier must clear any ice, snow, dirt, or any other debris from the adjacent sidewalk within a forty eight (48) hour period of when the ice, snow, dirt, or other debris was deposited upon the adjacent sidewalk. Sand or salt may be used on Town sidewalks to loosen snow or ice which may be difficult to remove.

How long can I park a trailer, recreational trailer, or motor home on the Street?

The Stettler Traffic Bylaw #1941-06 section 306 and Section 313 states that trailers, recreational trailers or motor homes are not permitted to be parked on any street in unless:

  • It is attached to a vehicle in which it may be towed;
  • It is actively being loaded or unloaded of goods or passengers.

In the case where a trailer or recreational trailer is attached to a vehicle where it may be towed it is considered to be part of the vehicle and must be in compliance with Stettler Traffic Bylaw.

In the case where a trailer, recreational trailer or motor home is being loaded or unloaded, the time limit in which it may remain on the street is twenty four (24) hours.


What do I do when there are “No Parking” signs placed on the street outside my house?

The Town of Stettler Public Works Department strives to serve the Town with effective and efficient service in regards to keeping the streets of Stettler clean. To complete this objective as efficient a possible the Public Works Department will place bright yellow “No Parking” signage on a street at least 12 hours in advance to designate the street in which they are placed as no parking. There will be a time on the sign as to when the no parking ban is in effect. Please avoid parking in the street where these signs have been erected.
You will see these signs placed in your area for:

  • Snow Removal
  • Street Cleaning
  • Road Maintenance
  • Emergencies

Parking on a street which has no parking signs erected during the time frame in which the no parking ban is in effect may result in the issuance of a violation ticket to the registered owner or operator of the vehicle or the vehicle may be towed from the street entirely. 

Where can I place a fire pit in my back yard and are there any restrictions?

As per the Stettler Fire Bylaw #1636 a fire pit may be permitted to be in the rear yard of a property:

  • Located a distance of three (3) meters (10 Feet) from any buildings, property lines, or any combustible material.
  • All installations shall have enclosed sides and be made from bricks, concrete blocks, heavy gauge metal or other suitable non-combustible material.
  • A spark arrestor or mesh screen to contain sparks is present and over top of the fire.
  • Only clean fuel shall be burned in the fire pit (wood or charcoal). Refuse or garbage is not permitted to be burned in a fire pit.


How long can I let my grass grow before I have to cut it?

The Stettler Nuisance Bylaw #1945-07 states that all grass and weeds on any property are to be trimmed regularly and not exceed a height of twenty (20) centimeters in length. Please contact the Stettler Town Office to report any nuisance property which may have grass or weeds exceeding the height of 20 centimeters and your Bylaw Officer will investigate the nuisance issue.


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