Animal Trapping


Alberta Animal & Municipal Enforcement Services provides an animal trapping program for the Town of Stettler during the spring and summer months of the year for trapping of cats. The traps used are live humane traps which do not injure the trapped animal. Due to regulations pertaining to animal trapping, Alberta Animal Services is only permitted to release and rent traps during the year when the mean outside temperature says above 0 degrees Celsius during the day and night. Specific provisions about animal trapping for the town can be found in the Town of Stettler Cat Bylaw #2049-14, Section 12.

Rental Procedure
Cat traps will only be rented to a Town of Stettler resident and must remain on the property in which is stated on the rental agreement form. Due to the high demand traps will be rented on a one week basis throughout the year for cats. The further rental of a trap after the one week period will be dependent on the amount of requests for the particular type of trap. Once all residents who have requested a trap and have not received one for current year will a trap be rented again to a resident who has already received the use of a trap.

Along with a rental agreement for there is either a cash or check deposit that the Alberta Animal Services Officer will hold until the trap is returned. The exact deposit amount will vary on the trapping season and will be stated upon the request to rent a trap. Once the trap is returned to an Alberta Animal Services Officer the rental deposit will be returned to the person who rented the trap in full. The renter of the cat trap is responsible for the condition and care of the physical trap. If the trap is damaged or stolen the rental deposit will not be returned and the renter will also be liable to the full cost of replacing the damaged or stolen trap.

What to do when an animal is trapped in a rented trap
The traps provided by Alberta Animal & Municipal Enforcement Services are designed for cats however other animals such as rabbits, muskrats, or other ground rodents may find their way into the trap. Good practice is to check the trap hourly if possible and refrain from leaving it unattended for an excessive amount of time.

Once any animal is trapped inside a rented animal trap:

  • Do not open or attempt to remove the animal from the trap. Some animals which are trapped may become aggressive upon being confined. Contact Alberta Animal & Municipal Enforcement Services immediately to report a trapped animal. An Officer will be dispatched to attend and service and remove the trapped animal from the rented property.
  • The renter of trap as stated on the rental agreement form is responsible for the overall welfare and health of the trapped animal until an Alberta Animal Services officer can attend to pick it up. As an example, If an animal is trapped during the evening and an Officer will not be attending until the next day to pick up the trap, it is the trap renters job to ensure the animal is cared for (ie: providing water, shelter from weather or sun exposure, and protection for other animals).

What happens to the trapped cat?

All trapped cats are taken to the Alberta Animal & Municipal Enforcement Services main office located at 4640 61 Street, Red Deer, Alberta. All cats are screened for identification (tags, tattoos, and microchips) and treated for any medical conditions which may be present. Should a cat be bearing identification the owner will be contacted. Should the cat not be bearing any identification it will be assessed by Alberta Animal Services animal care staff. Should the cat be determined to not be a risk to the public and be free of any severe illness, disease, or injury the cat will be spayed or neutered and placed for adoption at the Alberta Animal Services adoption center located at the Red Deer Petland.

For any further questions regarding Animal Trapping in Stettler or to request the rental of a cat or skunk trap please contact the Town Office at 403-742-8305 or Alberta Animal & Municipal Enforcement Services at
1-403-347-2388 .




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