Walk 'n' Roll

The 2019 Walk 'n' Roll challenge is organized by the Heartland Beautification Committee and begins May 1st!

This year the friendly competition is once again between the Towns of Wainwright, Ponoka and Stettler.

walk roll

Residents of all three communities are encouraged to park their cars this spring and summer, and walk or bike to their destinations instead. The Town whose residents walk or ‘roll’ to the most destinations during the months of May through August wins bragging rights and takes home the contest trophy in the fall.

Here’s what you need to know about the Challenge and how you can get involved:

  • Stettler residents will be able to register their ‘trips’ here starting on May 1 to August 31. Results for each participating community will be announced each month.
  • A ‘trip’ means a destination reached via walking, biking or any other non-motorized means of transportation.
  • The distance of each trip is not important.
  • The ‘to’ and ‘from’ portion of each trip is counted as two trips in total.
  • A ‘trip’ does not mean going for a walk or for a bike ride purely for exercise or recreation.
  • Students and schools are encouraged to register all of their trips when they walk or bike to school each day or when classes walk to the pool or other field trips.

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