• Updated October 29, 2020

    1.0 GENERAL

    All Alberta Health Services (AHS) health and safety recommendations must be followed.

    All facility patrons should practice proper hand hygiene while in the facility, before and after swimming. Participants are encouraged to refrain from touching their face.

    If a patron does not feel well, has a fever, upset stomach, headache or a cold (runny nose, sore throat, cough, etc.) they must stay home.

    It is important that while in the facility, whether as a participant or observer, that you try to maintain social distancing (2 meters minimum) and limit congregating in groups. If you are unable to maintain social distancing, AHS recommend that you wear a mask in change rooms and other dry areas. Masks are not permitted in the water, so physical distancing is very important.

    If swimmers and observers do not comply with distancing protocols, swimmers or families may be asked to leave the facility immediately.



    Arrive at the facility no more than 5 min. prior to your pool time.

    h Admittance for general swims will not be granted before the scheduled swim time.

    h Admittance for instructed programs (swimming lessons, fitness classes, etc.) will not be granted more than 5 minutes prior to scheduled program.

    Maximum of 10 spectators are allowed in the pool viewing area at any given time. Spectators MUST socially distance while in the viewing area. Wearing a mask is recommended when not able to social distance. There is NO loitering in the lobby, viewing area entrance, boot racks, or hallways.

    Anyone under the age 9 years old must be under direct supervision at all times within the facility by a parent/guardian over 16 year old. This means children must be within arms-reach while in the pool or on deck, and beside their parent/guardian when in the changerooms, hallways or entrance, and seated beside their parent while in the viewing area. Staff that find children unsupervised in the building will identify the parent and said parent/guardian and child will be told to leave.

    Use the hand sanitizer station set up at the entrance before entering the pool, changerooms or viewing area.

    All swimmers and spectators must check in and submit to a temperature check at the admissions desk before entry.

    Please limit contact with high touch-point surfaces (railings and handles) and ensure you are following appropriate hand washing and sanitization procedures at all times.

    When pool session or program is complete, please exit the dressing rooms as soon as possible (no longer than 10 min) keeping to the left when walking to the exit doors.

    Social distancing on entrance and exit is required.


    Seating areas are marked to maintain physical distancing.

    Only one user or cohort should exit or enter the hot tub at a time, to prevent crowding on the entrance ramp. Please do not loiter on the entrance ramp.

    Maximum user capacity of the hot tub is 9 users. This includes users sitting in the water and/or sitting on the edge of the hot tub.

    Physical distancing must be maintained in the hot tub. If at any time the hot tub is becoming crowded enough that physical distancing us unreasonable to maintain, pool staff may at their sole discretion close the hot tub for a period of time.


    Water slide may be open during public and family swims at the discretion of the pool staff.

    Users must maintain physical distancing on slide stairs and platforms.

    If children under 9 are not able to maintain physical distancing on their own, staff may require that parents/guardians accompany their child on the slide stairs and platforms.

    Exit the slide flume immediately. Do not loiter at the bottom of the slide.


    Participants will not be granted access to dressing rooms before scheduled swim times. Allow swimmers exiting the previous program to clear the changerooms first.

    For instructed programs (swimming lessons, fitness classes, etc.) access to changerooms will be granted no more than 5 minutes prior to program.

    •Male and Female Dressing rooms will be limited to 10 individuals at one time. Universal/Family Dressing Room will be limited to 6 individuals at one time, or 3 cohorts.

    Only certain lockers will be accessible. Maintain physical distancing at lockers area. Do not loiter in front of lockers (pick up your clothes and move a changing area)

    4.0 SWIMMERS

    Swimmers are not to enter the pool deck until given permission by pool staff.

    Do not congregate at change room entrances or exits, or on the pool deck.

    Public use pool toys and equipment will not be available for general swim sessions. Single-use exercise equipment will be available for fitness and swimming classes, and are not to be shared among users.

    Swimmers may use their own personal water toys/equipment provided it is cleaned and sanitized prior to entry

    Pool deck, pools, change rooms and viewing areas are to be cleared between programs. No loitering between programs will be allowed.

    Please be respectful by maintaining a minimum 2 meters distance from other swimmers and pool staff.


    A maximum of 10 spectators are allowed in the pool viewing area at any given time. Spectators MUST physically distance while in the arena. Wearing a mask is recommended when not able to physically distance.

    Any persons displaying signs of illness will not be permitted in the viewing area.

    Please use seats provided when spectating. No standing, loitering, or congregating, especially at the viewing area entrance.

    Children under 9 must be seated with parents or guardians. Unattended children and their associated parent/guardian may be asked to leave the facility.

    Upon conclusion of the pool session, please immediately exit the facility via main east doors, keeping to the left when exiting the pool area. If you are waiting for a participant please do so outside the facility.


    In addition to routine facility cleaning protocols, we have increased the frequency of sanitizing commonly touched surfaces throughout the facility to every 3 hours as per AHS.

    Dressing room touch points such as door handles, benches, hooks, toilets and sink areas will be sanitized after each program.

    Hand sanitizer has been provided throughout the facility for patrons.


    h If a participant or spectator becomes ill while at the pool, the following procedure will be followed:

    While preparing to immediately leave the facility or event, symptomatic individuals should perform proper hand hygiene, put on a non-medical face mask, and maintain at least 2 metres distance from all others.

    The individual should arrange for immediate transportation to their home/residence to begin isolation. Individuals needing to wait for transportation will be placed in an isolated room.

    Once a sick individual has left the facility or event, facility staff will clean and disinfect all surfaces and areas with which the individual may have come into contact.

    Thank you!

  • Some programs that we are going to have scheduled are:

Lane swim: Lanes 1 & 2 will be combined, allowing for 5 swimmers, and lanes 3 & 4 will also be combined for 5 swimmers

Active H2O: Lane 5 during lane swim (4 people max)

Active H2O: Stand alone time (25 persons max)  Mon -Thurs 10:45-11:45 am

Water exercises: Instructor-lead exercises as before, but when leaving the water you will be monitored for amount of time spent in the dressing room as only 10 spots are available from 6-6:45pm. 

Family Swim: Up to 45 persons max. will be allowed in the Aquatic Centre at one time. All admission rules apply

Public Swim: Up to 45 persons max will be allowed in the Aquatic Centre at one time. Swimmers that are 14 and under will need to be signed in by a caregiver on-site (no pre-signed forms from home will be allowed). No access to viewing area to watch. 

After School and Saturday Lessons: Schedule will be posted soon. All levels 4 and under will require a responsible person in the water at the time of lessons with the person taking lessons.

Swimming Lessons Challenges Passport Available Now

While waiting for our lessons to resume, we want our community to continue to learn and practice their water safety skills. Pick up the Swimming Lessons Challenges Passport and practice important water safety skills with your children to help keep them safe and prepare them for when swimming lessons resume.

Click here to download and print off (double sided) the passport
OR pick up your passport at the Stettler Recreation Centre front desk.

Refer to the Red Cross Swim Kids Performance Criteria for your child's level to make sure you are practicing the skills correctly: 
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5, Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10 

For our pool schedule CLICK HERE 


Lesson Structure During COVID-19

Levels 1-4 are parented lessons. Which means each child in Levels 1 - 4 will have to have a parent or caregivers (someone 16 yrs or older) in the water with them. Instructors will not be able to physically assist students. Class sizes will be limited to allow for physical distancing. This is a recommendation of the Red Cross. It is about ability of the swimmer not the age of the swimmer. We need to keep all people safe in, on and around the water. 
Levels 5 and up, the parent or caregiver (someone 16 yrs or older) will have to sign them into the Aquatic Centre. No exceptions to this rule. If a Parent or Caregiver is not able, they will not be able to enter the Aquatic Centre and will be asked to forfeit their time slot. 

Contact Information:

Sonia Dodd
Aquatics Manager
6202-44 Ave.
Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L1






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