Spring Cleanup


 Want to do something for your neighborhood? Why not adopt a park!

What do I need to do?

Choose an area that you are familiar with, this may include a playground, park, green space, boulevard or ditch.  Organize a group of your friends, neighbours, or family to do a weekly clean-up of the area of your choice for the duration of the summer.  Depending on the area, one clean up per week should keep your park neat and tidy.


How do I get started?

In Your Neighbourhood
  •      Try to work with a partner or small group.  
  •      Carry a cell phone if available 
  •      Only collect litter during daylight hours
  •      Be familiar with the area you are picking litter at
  •     Wear appropriate footwear such as runners or work boots
  •     Wear your t-shirt so you are identified by the public
  •     Wear gloves to protect your hands
Personal Care
  •     Always carry drinking water with you
  •     If you have an allergy to insect stings, please carry the necessary medication in the event of a sting
  •     Use sunscreen, hats, sunglasses
In Your Neighbourhood­
  •     Do not walk on roadways
  •     Do not touch or pick up sharp objects, chemicals including partially full oil or household cleaner bottles, syringes or any other hazardous materials.  Make note of your location and call the Town of Stettler Parks and Leisure at 742-4411 for pickup.
  •     Do not wade in any body of water to retrieve garbage-this includes community ponds or creeks.
  •     Do not allow children to collect litter without supervision.
  •     Do not collect litter during rainy or stormy conditions
  •     Do not trespass on private property

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