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Economic Base

Two primary industries dominate in the Stettler region -- agriculture [ranching and grain farming] and oil & gas. Agriculture is the mainstay, which employs most of the rural population and supports a healthy agricultural service sector within the Town of Stettler. Agriculture is the greatest contributor to Stettler's economic stability and offers many opportunities. Stettler farmers produce such diverse items as dairy products, straw, hay, barely, canola, oats, honey, poultry, cattle, hogs and rye.

As the town is in the heart of a very productive agricultural industry, there is not only great potential to provide numerous services to area farmers, but also to become involved in food-processing. Tourism has become a big part of Stettler's economy with the advent of Alberta Prairie Steam Tours. In addition, Stettler attracts sportsmen from all over with the abundance of hunting and fishing in the surrounding area. Also within the Town of Stettler, a significant level of employment is concentrated in government services and trade industries.

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Bill's Farm Supplies Inc.
Farm Supplies & Implement Dealers
4004 - 44 Avenue
Box 1325
Stettler, Alberta,
T0C 2L0
Ph: (403) 742-8327
Fax: (403) 742-1282
Cervus Equipment
Farm Supplies & Implement Dealers
5001 - 82 St. (off Hwy 12 W)
Box 1420
Stettler, Alberta,
T0C 2L0
Ph: (403) 742-4427
Fax: (403) 742-4625
Future Ag Inc.
Farm Supplies & Implement Dealer
4201 - 49 Avenue
Box 1510
Stettler, Alberta,
T0C 2L0
Ph: (403) 742-3740
Fax: (403) 742-5626

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