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Big Valley Cemetery SW 26-35-20-W4 Village of Big Valley
Big Valley Catholic Cemetery NE/NW 26-35-20-W4 Big Valley Catholic Church 
Botha CemeterySE 33-38-18-W4 Village of Botha & Women's Institute
Byemoor CemeterySE 11-35-17-W4 Byemoor Home Circle c/o Beth Knowles
Donalda CemeteryNW/SW 32-41-18-W4 Donalda Cemetery Club
Endiang CemeteryNW 31-34-15-W4 Endiang Cemetery Club c/o Deanna Johnson
Erskine CemeterySE 12-39-21-W4 Erskine Cemetery Club c/o David R. Brown
Estonian CemeterySE 28-37-19-W4 Estonian Church Society c/o Allan Hennel
Ewing Lake CemeteryNE 10-37-21-W4 Hazel Rachar Family
Gadsby CemeterySW 26-38-17-W4 Omega Circle
Gendre CemeteryNW 10-37-21W4 Gendre Family Church & Cemetery
Hutterian Erskine CemeteryNW 31-38-20-W4 Erskine Hutterian Brethren
Hutterian Gadsby CemeteryNE 34-36-17-W4 Gadsby Hutterian Brethren
Hutterian Lone Pine CemeteryNW 6-39-17-W4 Lone Pine Hutterian Brethren
Lakeview CemeteryNE 31-36-20-W4 Fenn Community Club c/o Wade Stormoen
Liberal CemeteryNW 33-39-20-W4 Liberal Church Ladies Club c/o Eileen Krejci
Prairie Grove CemeterySE 19-40-17-W4 Helen Bailey & Thora Kromm
Red Willow CemeteryNE 18-40-18-W4 United Church Ladies
Spruce Coulee CemeteryNW 32-41-17-W4 Spruce Coulee Cemetery Co. c/o Leo Norman
Tail Creek CemeterySE 27-38-22-W4 Dale & June Petersen
Wolf Hill CemeterySE 30-34-17-W4 Dale Green

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