New Waste Bins

June 19, 2018

The contracted company will be delivering automated waste bins. When the bins are delivered they will be placed in the front yard, if your regular pickup is at the front. If your regular pickup is in the back alley, the bins will be delivered to the back alley.  

The contracted company has also drafted a flyer that will be attached to each lid.  The link to the flyer is below.  

Residents are asked to do the following:

• Record your serial numbers and keep it somewhere safe.
• Write your address on the inside of the bin lid with a permanent marker. This will help identify your bin if they ever go missing or need repairs.
• Do NOT put your name on the bin as they are assigned to this specific address.
• Place your bin so the arrow on the lid points towards the center of the street/alley way.
• Place wheels at curb or edge of street/ alley.
• No items or bags placed beside the grey bin will be collected.
• Space your bin so that there is at least 1 meter (3ft) of space between your bin and other objects (e.g. parked cars, power poles, utility boxes, fences).
• Bins should be returned to an area nearest the residence no later than 7pm on the day of collection, and stored in such a way as to protect them from wind or other damage
• If your bin is damaged or missing, call Can Pak Environmental at 403-747-3456

The contacted company will have an adjustment period as the new automated bins are being delivered and we switch to the new system.  Of course we expect some growing pains. If you receive any feedback or questions, please call the office.

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