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December 2, 2019

A Notice to Residents:

Health Canada has recently lowered the acceptable limits of lead in drinking water. The water that leaves the Water Treatment Plant does not contain any lead; however, lead can leach into the water from lead pipes after leaving the Plant. The Town does not have lead mains, but there are areas of Town that do have lead services. Some areas may have lead on both the Town and landowner side. Unfortunately, the Town does not record what type of material is on the landowner side of the property. We are currently in the process of determining the areas that we believe may have lead on the Town side.

It is quite simple for landowners to check their home to see if the pipe entering your basement is lead. You can check the pipes entering your home by completing the following test:

3-Step Testing Process

Step 1: Find your emergency water shut-off valve
Once you find your emergency water shut-off valve or water meter in your home (usually in the basement), check the colour and hardness of the pipe.

Step 2: Check the pipe colour
Check the colour of the pipe coming out of the ground and into the meter. You may have to lightly sand the surface of the pipe. If the pipe is:
• The colour of a Canadian penny: It is copper.
• Bright blue or black: It is likely plastic tubing
(polyethylene). Important: Don't attempt to test the
hardness of your pipe if you suspect it's plastic.
• Grey: It is galvanized iron or lead.

Step 3: Check the pipe hardness
If you think your water service line could be lead, try gently etching into the pipe. Lead is relatively soft metal and scratches easily. Do not attempt this if you think the line could be plastic.

While this checklist is a good indicator of whether your pipes are lead, please note that every pipe is a little different.
At this time, the Town has no data on lead levels at the tap in individual homes. Alberta Environment has mandated that starting in May 2020, all municipalities must collect water samples in areas of Town that are believed to have the potential for lead in water to determine if it exceeds Health Canada guidelines.

If a home does have higher levels than allowed, the landowner should filter the water before consuming and cooking with it. If you suspect your water may have lead in it, the easiest way to remove it is to filter your water to reduce lead exposure.

We will continue to provide residents with information on the matter as it arises. If you have further inquiries, please contact the Town Office at 403-742-8305.

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