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February 5, 2020

Can you find the image below somewhere else on the website?
Hint: If you are looking for a business, you might check out this page...

I Heart Stettler

Some helpful information:

  • If you do find the above image, click on this link to submit your information to enter a draw for an individual 1 year pass to the Rec Centre!  This is the only way that entries will be accepted.
  • The image may be put in different locations on the site, and you can enter the draw once each month.
  • Draws will take place in the first week of February and August (bi-annually) where one winner will be selected.
  • Congratulations to all our past winners!

August 2008:       Carly
February 2009:    Rob
August 2009:       Fran
February 2010:    Dianne
August 2010:       Anne
February 2011:    Kelly
August 2011:       Lisa
February 2012:    Catherine
August 2012:       Wendy
February 2013:    Dianne
February 2014:    Wendy  
August 2014:       Maxine
February 2015:    Beth
August 2015:       Leslie
February 2016:    Marlene
August 2016:       Scott
February 2017:    Corinne
August 2017:       Judith
February 2018:    Joanne
August 2018:       Marlene
February 2019:    Leslie
August 2019:       Tracy
February 2020:    Anne

Good Luck!


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Box 280, 5031 - 50 Street, Stettler, Alberta, Canada T0C 2L0