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         The 7 Wonders of Stettler
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Parks & Leisure

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Town Services

     About Us
                 Walking Tour (external link)
                 William Brighton Gray
                 The Underwood Brothers
                 Historical Population (external link)
         Municipal Planning Commission
         Stettler Regional Fire Advisory
         Town Council
         Stettler Flying Club Lounge
         Cemetery Map (external link)
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         Cemetery Bylaw (external link)
         Monument Permit (external link)
         Cemetery Information
         Planning & Development
                 Land Use Bylaw
                 Development Permit Information
                                 Development Permit Application (external link)
                                 Building a Fence Info Sheet (external link)
                                 Building a Detached Garage Info Sheet (external link)
                                 Building a Deck Info Sheet (external link)
                                 Application for Occupancy (external link)
                 Building Permit Information
                                 Building a Deck Info Sheet (external link)
                                 Building a Detached Garage Info Sheet (external link)
                                 Building a Fence Info Sheet (external link)
                                 Development Permit Application (external link)
                 Main Street Project
                 Subdivision Information
                                 Application for Subdivision Approval (external link)
                                 Information Required with Application for Subdivision Approval (external link)
                                 Alberta Subdivision Process (external link)
                 Land Sale Information
                                 Lot Sale Policy (external link)
                 Fee Schedule (external link)
                 Statutory & Official Plans
                 Building Permit Statistics (external link)
                 IJD Inspections Ltd. (external link)
         Water Department
                 Chloramination Information (external link)
                 Water Chemical Analysis
                 Toilet Replacement Program (external link)
                                 Toilet Replacement Application Form (external link)
                 Private Property Snow Removal
                 Other Notices
                 Road & Footpath Map (external link)
                 Dangerous Goods Routes (external link)
                 Traffic Counts
                 Winter Driving (external link)
                 Tax Calculator (external link)
                 Taxation & Assessment
                 Noxious Weeds
                 Alberta Animal Services (external link)
                 Animal Trapping
                 Dog & Cat Guide (external link)
                 Crow Pamphlet (external link)
                 Did you lose your pet? (external link)
         Parks & Leisure (external link)
         Mapping & GIS (external link)
     Documents & Web Forms
         Recycling/Garbage Schedule (external link)
         Web Forms
                 Online Tree Removal Request Form
                 Online Concerns/Requests Form
                 Online Donations Form (external link)
                 Online Website Contest Form
                 Online Highway Entrance Input Form
                 Online Business License Form
                                 Major Occupancy Classification
                                 Health Inspection Classification
                                 AMVIC Classification
                 Online Imagine Stettler Form
         Alberta Animal Services (external link)
         Town Policies (external link)
         Maps (external link)
         Planning & Development Dept. (external link)
     Municipal Election
         Landfill & Transfer Stations
         Green Tips
                                 Electronics Recycling (external link)
                                 Alberta Environment (external link)
                                 One Simple Act (external link)
                 Where do I take it? (external link)
                 Business + Apartment Recycling (external link)
                 Toilet Replacement Program (external link)
                 Water Facts (external link)
         Recycling - Green Box Program
                 Recycling/Garbage Schedule & Map (external link)
         Recycling Newsletter and Business Solutions (external link)
         Recycling & Garbage Schedule (external link)
         Where do I fix it? (external link)
         Where do I take it?
                 Changes to the list?
                 Stettler Buy & Sell (external link)
                 Bidding Wars Stettler (external link)
                 Stettler Items too good to toss out - Free items (external link)
                 Stettler Bidding Wars #2 (external link)
                 Stettler Parents Buy/Sell/Trade (external link)
                 Stettler Bookworm Market (external link)
                 Stettler Garage Sales (external link)
                 Stettler Wedding Buy/Sell (external link)
                 Stettler area, buy & sell. You make the rules. (external link)
                 Stettler Buy & Sell Lady's & Men's Clothing (external link)
                 Composting (external link)
         Alberta Purchasing Connection (external link)



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Box 280, 5031 - 50 Street, Stettler, Alberta, Canada T0C 2L0