Building Permit Information

Building Permit Information

Application for Building Permit Information

Applications can be made at the Town of Stettler Office.

If not provided at the time of development permit application, three sets of building plans are required that describe the following:

    • Architectural approval stamp (if required)
    • Elevations (Front, Side, and Rear)
    • Floor Plan, including the room sizes and window sizes
    • Cross Section
    • Foundation details

The following information may be required for manufactured components of construction or for smaller scaled developments without engineered plans:

        • Letter from Supplier
        • Roof Truss Schematics
        • Mobile Home Information Form
        • Foundation Layout/Materials Form
        • Sample Cross Section Information Form
        • Construction Details Form
        • Wood Burning Information Form


Fees for building permits are calculated at $5.00 for every $1,000 of construction costs plus a 4.0% safety codes levy. Construction Values are calculated in accordance with the most current fee schedule (see fee schedule on right). Work may commence when appropriate information and fees have been obtained from the applicant.

For further information on Building Code standards, and what types of development require building permits contact the Town’s Safety Codes Officer (IJD Inspections).

All other construction permits (Electrical, Gas, and Plumbing) must be obtained from a certified inspector.

Development Permit Information

Development Permit Process

Typical development requiring a permit includes all structural buildings, accessory buildings, relocations, additions, renovations, covered decks, signs, change of building use, and home occupations. All development that is considered a permitted use under the current Land Use Bylaw requires approval from the Town of Stettler Development Authority. Development that is considered a discretionary use under the Land Use Bylaw requires approval from the Towns Municipal Planning Commission.

Application for Development Required Information

      • Site Plan: (Please Include the Following)
        North Arrow, Scale, Legal Description, Civic Address
      • Property lines shown and labelled, location of sidewalks/curbs
      • Location of any all buildings dimensioned to property line existing/proposed
      • Landscaping existing/proposed, parking existing/proposed
      • Abutting lanes and streets shown and labelled
      • Location of all utilities, light standards, and easements if known

If possible provide floor plans, elevations, perspective views of the building (including exterior finishing materials), and proof of ownership or authority to apply for development Important reminders: Location of property pins, lot grading information, number off-street parking stalls provided, and location of services/utilities

Development Permit Fees


 Residential Development Permits  $75.00
 Multi Family Development Permits  $75.00(+25.00/unit)
 Commercial Development Permit  $125.00
 Industrial Development Permit  $125.00
 Institutional Development Permit  $125.00
 Municipal Planning Commission Required  $50.00


Timelines Required for Development Process

A decision by the Development Authority for a development must be given in writing within 40 days of receiving an application. If required information is provided at time of application processing time may be reduced. Approved development permit applications are advertised as required by the Municipal Government Act. Approved applications are subject to a 14 day appeal period. Following the 14 day appeal period a Building Permit must be obtained if construction is involved.