Emergency Services

Emergency Information

The Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler have a regional partnership (SREMA) for emergency management services.  This program involves preparedness for, response to, and recovery from, emergencies and disasters.

In Case of a Disaster:

  • After 72 hours, authorities will contact you and re-locate you to the Disaster Response Center. Residents must be prepared to be self-sufficient for those 72 hours.
  • Stettler's Designated Primary Reception Centre is located at William E. Hay Composite High School.

Emergency Management Contacts

Contact Information for the Stettler Regional Emergency Management Agency (formerly Disaster Services).

 Name: Clint Sime
 Phone:   (403) 742-4441
 Fax:  (403) 742-1277
 Cell:  (403) 741-8791
 Email:  csime@stettlercounty.ca