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In accordance with Alberta Government's Path Forward, the Aquatic Centre is now open for 1-on-1 Swim Training, Individual Exercise and Family Swim Practice Monday - Friday, and Household Rentals on the weekends  All pool sessions are by reservation only. Reservations will be taken up to 5 days in advance online at stettler.maxgalaxycanada.net or by calling 403-742-4411.

Contact Information:

Sonia Dodd
Aquatics Manager
6202-44 Ave.
Stettler, Alberta T0C 2L1

Bronze Cross starts April 26th

Thinking about working at the pool this summer or fall?  Maybe a career change? Just want to learn some cool (and handy) new skills?

Get training now!

Bronze Cross starts April 26th! Register now!

Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and Instructor certification. Includes CPR C and AED.

Prerequisite(s): Bronze Medallion

Register online at stettler.maxgalaxyonline.net or call (403) 742-4411

National Lifeguard and Aquatic Emergency Care

National Lifeguard and Aquatic Emergency Care combined course begins April 30th.

Looking for a summer job? Something for the fall? Or maybe you just want to expand your aquatic training in a new direction and develop confidence and leadership skills? The National Lifeguard certification from the Lifesaving Society is Alberta's most-recognized and longest-running lifeguard training program.


Registration now at stettler.maxgalaxycanada.net or call (403) 742-4411.

Stage 1 Pool Re-Opening Restrictions

In compliance with current Alberta Public Health directives, there are some important requirements that our swimmers need to be aware of:

Only 1-on-1 training sessions or household rentals are currently permitted. This specifically includes:

  • 1-on-1 Stationary Aerobic Cardio Training (45 minute session)
  • 1-on-1 Adult/Teen Stroke Improvement or Fitness Training (45 minute session)
  • 1-on-Household Family Swim Practice (45 minute session)
  • Family/Household Facility Rental at a special reduced rate of $30 for 45 minutes (Weekends only)

Swimmers may access the facility during their registered program only. Reservation is required. Book online at stettler.maxgalaxycanada.net or call (403) 742-4411.

Regular drop-in rates apply (see below).

Swimmers may access the assigned changeroom 5 minutes before their scheduled program. Loitering or visiting in the changerooms is not permitted.

A full-body cleansing shower is required before entering the water.

Please use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the changeroom.

Only active participants are allowed in the facility. There is no viewing or waiting area at this time. For children’s programs, only one associated family member is permitted to accompany the student into and out of the facility.

To facilitate cleaning and preparing for the next reservation, we ask that swimmers only shower briefly and exit promptly following their scheduled session.

Face masks are required within the facility including the change rooms. The only exception is swimmers in the water. Swimmers may hang their face masks on marked locations upon entering the pool deck, and must resume wearing face masks upon exiting the pool deck.

Up to four 1-on-1 sessions may be taking place at the same time. Make sure to maintain at least 3 meters distance between yourself and any other swimmers, as well as between yourself and your trainer/instructor.

Lockers access will be limited. Please only use the changeroom and lockers that are indicated for your scheduled session.

Exercise equipment and instructional aids will be provided individually by your trainer/instructor. Equipment is single-use only, not communal. Please do not use any pool equipment or aids that have not been specifically provided for you by your trainer/instructor.

The Aquatic Centre Staff will be monitoring and enforcing Covid-19 safety measures. Please respectfully observe any and all instructions from the S.A.C. staff. Help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Safety First! - Pool User Rules and Guidelines

To ensure a safe and healthy facility, and to do our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19, there are a few rules and guidelines that need to be followed. Have a look at the following expectations for your next visit to the Aquatic Centre:

Pool User Rules and Guidelines

Pool Admissions


  Drop In 10x 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 1 Year
Infants 0-2 yrs Free Free Free Free Free Free
Child 3-8 yrs $3.50 $31.50 $35.00 $84.00 $145.25 $245.00
Youth 9-17 yrs $4.75 $42.75 $47.50 $114.00 $197.00 $332.50
Adult 18-59 yrs $5.25 $47.25 $52.50 $126.00 $218.00 $367.50
Senior 60+ $4.75 $42.75 $47.50 $114.00 $197.00 $332.50
Family immediate only $15.00 $135.00 $150.00 $360.00 $557.00 $787.50


Please Note:

Parents must keep their children in arms reach at all times! A ratio of 3 children and 1 adult is the acceptable admission standard.

Family passes include parents or guardians and their dependent children under the age of 18, or:

1. They are a student attending an educational institution and temporarily renting accomodations for that purpose and ordinarily reside with the parents when not attending school

2. Temporary exchange students residing with the adults

3. Children being mentored by an adult and their spouse under the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program or similar recognized program

4. Persons with physical or mental disabilities, who are 18 yrs or older and reside with the adults 



The pool is available for private rentals at a fee of $115.00/ hr for up to 50 people

For every 20 people over 50 is $30.00/hr more to pay for additional lifeguards

Please call for available dates and times (403) 742-4411


Becoming a Lifeguard

Pool Birthday Parties

Due to Covid Restrictions we will not be offering Group Rentals at this time.

Group rates are as follows:

Public Swim

-up to 15 swimmers (any age): $65.00 + GST

-Every additional 5 people: $15.00

-Includes 1 hour in party room 

Private Swim Party 

 $115.00 / hr plus $20.00 per hour for party room + GST

(for up to 50 people) 

If over 50 people there is a charge of $30 for every 25 people per hour. 


** To receive these prices, they still must be booked in advance.  You are welcome to bring your own food.  To book your group please call 403-742-4411. 

Preschool Lessons Info

You can see our current class times and sign up online at https://stettler.maxgalaxycanada.net/BrowseActivities.aspx

For an overview of the Red Cross Swim Preschool program, click here: FactSheet RCS Preschool 2019 EN


 RCSP Duck



  • Orientation to water for toddlers and their parents/caregivers. 
  • Age is the only condition for entering this level
  • Swimmers learn how to use floating objects for support and explore different water movements through games, songs and active water play.  The parent/caregiver also learns age-specific water safety
  • This level is participation-based only, without formal evaluation
 RCSP Seaturtle



  • Orientation to water for toddlers and their parents/caregivers
  • Age is the only condition for entering this level
  • Swimmers learn, through fun games and songs, how to combine skills, how to kick with a buoyant object and how to perform basic floats, glides and kicks.
  • This level is participant-based only, without formal evaluation

 RCSP Sea Otter




  • Transitional level that transfers the preschooler to the care of the instructor.  All skills are assisted by the instructor
  • Swimmers enter this level when they are 3 years of age
  • Using games and activities, swimmers learn to open their eyes under water, further develop basic floats and glides, and swim 1 metre.  They also learn age-appropriate water safety skills.
  • Swimmers are evaluated based on performance criteria and progress to Salamander once all criteria have been successfully completed.
 RCSP Salamander



  • Swimmers enter this level when they have successfully completed Sea Otter.
  • Using games and activities, swimmers learn to swim 2 metres, further develop basic floats and increase their distance on front and back glide.  Front swim and roll-over glide are also included, and swimmers learn appropriate water safety skills such as how to jump into chest-deep water and how to use a Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
  • Safety skills development includes water orientation, safe entries, and exits and only swimming when an adult is present
  • Swimmers are evaluated based on performance criteria and progress to Sunfish once all criteria have been successfully completed
 RCSP Sunfish



  • Swimmers enter this level when they have successfully completed Salamander.
  • Using games and activities, swimmers learn to swim 5 meters, increase their buoyant objects, increase their front and back glide with kick, and develop their roll-over glide, side glide and front swim.  Safety skills include deep-water skills and use of a Personal Floatation Device (PDF)
  • Safety skills development sucjh as water orientation, safe enteries and exits and always asking for permission before going near water.


 RCSP Crocodile  3-6 years
  • Swimmers enter this level when they have successfully completed Sunfish
  • Through games and other fun activities, swimmers learn to swim 5 metres on their front and back, perform a dolphin kick and begin using rythmic breathing.  They also progress with kicking drills and increase their swimming distance to 10 metres.
  • Safety skills include jumping into deep-water and performing surface support for 10 seconds, recognizing when a swimmer needs help and using a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) in deep water.
  • Swimmers are evaluated based on performance criteria and progress to Whale once all criteria have been successfully completed.
 RCSP Whale  3-6 years
  • Swimmers enter this level when they have successfully completed Crocodile.
  • Through fun activities, swimmers perform a front and back swim for 10 metres.  Swimmers work on developing their flutter kick and perform a distance swim of 15 metres.
  • Safety skills include identifying safe swimming areas, jumping into deep water, swimming 5m, surface support for 20 seconds a return to safety, throwing assists and sitting dives.
  • Swimmers are evaluated based on performance criteria and complete the program once all criteria have been achieved.  Children 5 yrs or older are ready for the appropriate level of Red Cross Swim Kids.

Red Cross Swim Kids Info

Click here for an overview of the Red Cross Swim Kids Program: FactSheet RCS Kids 2019 EN


SWIM KIDS LEVEL 1              
This is an entry level for children ready to move in shallow water.  This level provides an orientation to the water and the pool area and introduces floats and glides with kicks.  Children build their endurance by improving distance.

This level helps the child build skills in front and back swims.  Children are introduced to deep water activities and proper use of a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).  Endurance is built on flutter kicking with assisted glides.

This level provides an introduction to front crawl as well as the foundation for making wise choices on where and when to swim.  Diving is introduced and children will work on floats and changing direction.  Endurance is achieved by building strength in flutter kick and a 15-metre swim.

The front crawl, back glide and shoulder roll for back crawl are further developed.  Children work on kneeling dives, surface support and developing a greater sense on self-safety by understanding their own limits.  Endurance is built through a 25-metre swim.

Back crawl is introduced, along with sculling skills and whip kick on the back.  Children try stride dives and receive an introduction to safe boating skills.  Endurance is developed through dolphin kick and a 50-metre swim.

Front and back crawl continue to be refined as the elementary backstroke is newly introduced.  Children are also introduced to safety on ice, elementary rescues of others with throwing assists, treading water and the front dive.  Endurance is built through a 75-metre swim.

Level 7 continues to build skills and endurance for front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke and introduces whip kick on the front.  Children learn about airway and breathing obstructions, and participate in timed treading water for increasing endurance.  Endurance is built through time treading water and a 150-metre swim.

Level 8 provides an introduction to the breaststroke, foot-first surface dives and rescues entries.  Children learn about the dangers of open water, hypothermia, and the performance of rescue breathing on children and adults.  Endurance is built on the dolphin kick an a 300-metre swim.

Front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke continue to be refined.  In this level children are encouraged to try combining different strokes and kicks for fitness.  They also work on head-first surface dives and standing dives and learn about wise choices, peer influences and self-rescue from ice.  Endurance is built through a 400-metre swim.

Further refinement of strokes, with an introduction to butterfly and scissor kick as a warm-up/cool down stroke for fitness.  Children learn about sun safety, rescue of others from the ice and head-first and feet-first surface dives.  Endurance is built using dolphin kick and butterfly drills and a 500-metre swim.  


Summer 2020 - Swimming Lessons Challenges Passport Available Now

Even though we can't run swimming lessons right now, we want our community to be learning and practicing their water safety skills. Pick up this Swimming Lessons Challenges Passport and practice important water safety skills with your children to help keep them safe and prepare them for when swimming lessons resume.

We miss you all. Swim safe!

Click here to download and print off (double sided) the passport OR pick up your passport at the Stettler Recreation Centre front desk.

Refer to the Red Cross Swim Kids Performance Criteria for your child's level to make sure you are practicing the skills correctly:

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10 

Pool Special Events

Aquatic Event Schedule 2021

No special events are currently scheduled.

We are unable to offer special events such as swim parties or themed swims due to current public health restrictions. Check in again later for updates.

SRC L.I.T Program

What is the Leaders in Training (LIT) Program?


The LIT program is a hands on opportunity for youth and adults 13 years and older to become familiar with the aquatic environment. They will work alongside SRC lifeguards doing tasks such as lifeguarding skill development, cleaning, shadow guarding, slide monitor, victim simulation for lifeguard situations, public relations and assisting with swim lessons.


This program is a great for youth and young adults who are interested in becoming lifeguards or swim instructors in the future. The program is also a great way to get involved in the community.


All hours accumulated while volunteering can be used in lieu of payment for swimming programs offered here at the SRC. For more information on how to use your volunteer hours to 'pay' for courses you wish to take, CLICK HERE.


To print out an application form, CLICK HERE.

For more information, or to submit your application, email nleckie@stettler.net.