National Drowning Prevention Week 2024

July 21st - 27th is National Drowning Prevention Week!

+ Follow our Facebook or Instagram for some drowning prevention tips!
+ Kids can colour the provided pictures and have them displayed at the Aquatic Centre to promote water safety.
+ Lifejackets are free to use all week.
+ Kids and adults can complete the Swim To Survive Challenge to prove they have the basic skills to survive an unexpected fall into deep water (complete with certificate). Swim to Survive Challenges at 1:00 and 4:00 daily.
Click HERE for the colouring pages!
Your final step in Lifeguard certification! Available to those 15 years or older who have completed their Bronze Cross and have a current Intermediate First Aid.
Register at here or call (403) 742-4411 for more information.
Leaders in Training

A reminder that glass is not allowed on our pool deck or in our pools. This includes tempered glass goggles. Shattered glass on bare feet is is a bad combination. Thank-you for your cooperation.

Swimming Lessons

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Since the Summer of 2022, we exclusively offer the Lifesaving Society Swim For Life program. What does this mean for you and your kids?

  1. Levels:
  2. Program Focus:
    • You may notice some differences in what your child is being taught. While both programs lead to capable and safe swimmers, the Lifesaving Society Swim For Life program focuses on 3 key strokes (front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke) and survival skills in the water (treading water, changing direction, safe entries) along with some important Water Smart messages repeated throughout the program (“always swim with a buddy”, etc.).
    • Click here for more information about the Swim For Life program.
  3. Feedback Materials:
    • Every child in the Swim For Life program gets a progress card on which we will provide feedback for each level. In addition, they will receive a level ribbon when they successfully complete a level.

Registration for Summer 2024 Classes is now OPEN!

Find and register for classes here: https://anc.ca.apm.activecommunities.com/stettlerreccentre

School Lessons

We also offer Lifesaving Society Swim for Life programs to schools during daytime hours.  This is meant to supplement, not replace, personal water safety lessons as well as give many children the chance to learn basic water safety skills who might otherwise never have the opportunity. If your school does not currently take part in our Swim for Life program, why not advocate to your administrator, board or principle to get involved in this valuable collaboration?

For information about available times and fee-structure for school lessons, please contact Sonia Dodd: sdodd@stettler.net or call (403) 742-4411

Drop-In Swim Times

Open swim times for individuals and families.  The Hot Tub is usually available during these times as well.  Pay a reasonable drop-in fee or purchase a 10x or long-term pass and drop in as often as you like!

Please Note:

Children under 9 must be accompanied in the water by a responsible parent, guardian or designated adult at all times within the facility.

Click here for Admission Rates and Program Descriptions.

Public Swim

Open swim time for individuals, families and friends.  All ages are welcome.  No lanes or restrictions, all pools are wide open. This is the time for adults and kids to splash and play and just have fun.  Warm up in the hot tub, scale the rock-climb wall, speed down the water slide, or lay back on a floating toy.

Note: While this swim time is open to everyone, children under 9 years old must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Family Swim

A great time to bring in your younger kids or grandkids! Less raucous than Public Swim, any children (under 18) may only attend if they are accompanied in the water by a responsible parent or guardian. A great time to practice blowing bubbles, floats and jumping into the water. Warm-up in the hot tub or try the water slide!

Sometimes Family Swim coincides with Fitness Swim, which means families may not have access to the Main Pool. Check the pool schedule to be sure.

Sensory-Friendly Swim

Sensory-Friendly Swim

A special swim time set aside for those with sensory, developmental or physical special needs and their family and service workers.

Fitness Swim

The lanes are in! The kids are out of the way! There's nobody to get in your way! This is the time where the pool is set up for swimming laps, practicing your strokes, building your endurance, and getting in your exercise routine.

Party Rentals

Standard Pool Rental

(Lane Pool/Leisure Pool/Hot Tub/Slide)

$115.00/hour +G.S.T. for up to 40 swimmers.

$35.00/hour +G.S.T. per additional 20 swimmers.

Public Swim Party

(during an applicable Public Swim or Family Swim)

Up to 15 swimmers: each additional 5 swimmers: Included:
$75.00 +GST $15.00 +GST 1 hour in the Party Room

** To receive these prices, they still must be booked in advance.**

To book your group please call 403-742-4411

You are welcome to bring your own food. 


Private Swim Party

$135.00/hour +GST for up to 40 swimmers.

Includes 1-hour room rental.


Sponsor Swim or Youth Group Rentals

(schools, clubs, etc.)

$115.00/hour up to 100 swimmers.

$50.00 for every additional 75 swimmers.

Leaders In Training (L.I.T.) Program

What is the Leaders in Training (LIT) Program?

The LIT program is a hands on opportunity for youth and adults 13 years and older to become familiar with the aquatic environment. They will work alongside SRC lifeguards doing tasks such as lifeguarding skill development, cleaning, shadow guarding, slide monitor, victim simulation for lifeguard situations, public relations and assisting with swim lessons.

This program is a great for youth and young adults who are interested in becoming lifeguards or swim instructors in the future. The program is also a great way to get involved in the community.

All hours accumulated while volunteering can be used in lieu of payment for swimming programs offered here at the SRC. For more information on how to use your volunteer hours to 'pay' for courses you wish to take, CLICK HERE.

To print out an application form, CLICK HERE.

For more information, or to submit your application, email ldolan@stettler.net