Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Planning and Development Services ensures the orderly and maintainable development of the Town of Stettler.

The Planning and Development Department:

  • Assists with matters pertaining to development, plans of subdivision, site plan reviews, certificates of compliance, zoning bylaws and other planning and land use related matters.
  • Monitors and updates various regulatory planning documents for the Town of Stettler including the Growth Study, Municipal Sustainability Plan, the Municipal Development Plan, various Area Structure Plans and the Land Use Bylaw.
  • Provides professional planning services to Town Council, the Municipal Planning Commission and the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board as well to external agencies, builders, developers, and landowners.

Plans, Bylaws, & Policies

Statutory Plans

A Statutory Plan is one described in the Municipal Government Act (MGA). It includes Intermunicipal Developments Plans, Municipal Development Plans, Area Structure Plans and Area Redevelopment Plans. Statutory Plans are regulated by the MGA and are required by municipalities at different times; some plans are dependant on size of municipality while others are influenced by bordering municipalties. 

Municipal Development Plan: The overall purpose of the Stettler Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is to guide future growth and development by laying out a plan of future land use and ensuring growth in the community is sustainable, orderly, appropriate, complementary, efficient, and that it enhances the quality of life for the citizens of Stettler. The MDP provides Council the oppertunity to evaluate immediate situations or proposals in the context of a long range plan for Stettler.

Intermunicipal Development Plan: The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Town of Stettler and Stettler County No. 6, public input workshops, and several negotiation sessions between the two Councils. This plan was created to outline a framework for cooperativley moving forward with growth, long range plannign and areas of common planning interest, annexation of lands in the short and long term, economic development, servicing and transportation, preservation of natural capital, and other matters that are of joint interest for the Town and County of Stettler.

Town and County Memorandum of Understanding: On January 13, 2009 the Councils of the Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler No. 6 agreed to enter into a memorandum of understanding regarding matters related to; (1) maintaining a relationship of cooperation, collaboration and coordination; (2) the preparation of an Intermunicipal Development Plan; (3) the annexation of Land by the Town of Stettler and compensation for annexation, and; (4) recreation cost sharing.

Sustainability Plan: In undertaking this plan, the Town of Stettler has chosen to build upon its positive experiences and projects by examining the challenges and opportunities for the region through the lens of sustainability, with the intent of enhancing its operations to address new provincial and federal directions with respect to the five dimensions of sustainability. Through future policy directions, this will ultimately lead to a corporate strategy that will move the Town along the path toward a more sustainable future. 

Growth Study: The purpose of this study is to review current and future growth trends and to identify recommended future urban growth areas for the Town of Stettler. This study is not intended to establish Council’s policy for future growth, but will be used as input to the Town’s existing Municipal Development Plan, future joint planning activities with the County of Stettler, and future annexation considerations.

Area Structure Plans: The purpose of an Area Structure Plan (ASP) is to act as a guide for future subdivision and development within the site area. ASPs, like MDPs, are used to guide future growth, land use and servicing but on a smaller scale as they typically target one subdivision. The Area Structure Plans should be interpreted as conceptual only. The exact layout of the roads and lots will be determined at the time of development following engineering standards as well as applicable bylaws and regulations. To view the Area Structure Plans please click the links below:

Meadowlands by the Park Area Structure Plan 

North Area Structure Plan 

North East Industrial Area Structure Plan 

North West Area Structure Plan

South East Area Structure Plan 

South East 36-68-20-W4 Area Structure Plan

West Industrial Area Structure Plan 

West Stettler Highway 12 South Area Structure Plan



 The following bylaws are relevant to the planning, development and subdivision processes:

1587 Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw 

1735-95 Development Authority Bylaw 

1736-95 Subdivision Authority Bylaw

1737-95 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw

2060-15 Land Use Bylaw 



The following policies are relevant to the planning, development and subdivision processes:

IV-1 Building & Development Permit Fee Schedule 

IV-2(a) Supply of Top Soil and Landscaping Boulevards 

IV-8(a) Subdivision and Development Appeal Board 

IV-10 Subdivision Application and Processing Fees

VI-3(c) Water and Sewer Service, Town Service Pipe, Connection and Installation Charges

XV-1(d) Curb and Walk Replacement for Driveway Crossings

XVI-4(b) Economic Incentive Policy for Non-Residential Development of Property

Contact Information

Leann Graham

Director of Planning and Development

Phone: 403-742-8305



Maddie Standage

Planning & Operations Clerk

Phone: 403-742-8305