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Mapping & GIS

"Web maps" have a customizable legend and are interactive, whereas the "Printable maps" below are more static, but can easily be viewed on devices or printed.

Printable Maps

Choose a link below to view or print any of the .pdf maps:

For a printed copy of a map, please feel free to print a copy from our collection of Printable Maps links above. Alternatively, a copy can be picked up at the Town Office.  We have the following pricing for large-format printed paper maps:

Size Cost Additional Copies
24"x36"+ $10 $5
11"x17" $4 $2

Prices above do not including shipping.  It is also recommended that maps are picked up in person from the Town Office as items may need to be folded for shipping.

What is a GIS?

GIS stands for "Geographic Information System". 

Much of the functionality of a GIS is achieved by using various data sources that are organized in the form of  tables or databases, and combining this data with maps.

With over 85% of decisions in municipal government involving location, a GIS can be a key element of resource management, planning, information exchange, decision-making, and day-to-day operations.

For a more detailed explanation please see:

For any GIS or mapping inquiries, please contact our GIS Staff.