Town Policy Manual

      Organization I
 Code of Ethics (Mayor and Council)  I-5(a)
 Service Recognition for Town of Stettler Members of Council  I-5(b)
                                                    Personnel II
Drug & Alcohol Admin D/A
Harassment & Violence Prevention Plan and Policy Admin H/V
 Personnel-Performance Appraisal  II-1
 Sick Leave Entitlements  II-2(a)
 Employee Pension Benefits  II-2(b)
 Employee Benefits  II-2(b)(i)
 Membership in Service Clubs  II-2(c)
 Employee Health and Wellness  II-2(d)
 Council Remuneration for Subsistence & Accommodation  II-3(b)
 Council Attendance at Conventions, Workshops & Seminars  II-3(c)
 Employee Selection  II-4(a)
 Personnel -Attendance  II-4(b)
 Employee Hiring and Employment Process  II-4(c)
 Regular Hours of Work  II-4(d)
 After Hour Educational Assistance  II-6(a)
 Overtime  II-7(a)
 Vacation Allowance  II-7(b)
 Employee Subsistence and Accommodation  II-7(c)
 Volunteer and Part-time Personnel (Subsistence, Mileage, Accommodation)  II-7(c)(i)
 Statutory Holidays  II-7(e)
 Code of Ethics (Town Employees)  II-7(i)
 Maternity Leave  II-7(j)
 Leave of Absence  II-7(k)
 Employee Recognition  II-7(l)
 Town Council Committee Classification System  II-7(m)
 Council Email Addresses  II-7(n)
                                         Buildings and Equipment III
 Private Party Work Requests  III-1(a)
 Recreation Centre Ice Installation and Removal  III-3(a)
Usage of Town Vehicles and Equipment  III-3(b)
                                                 Development IV
 Building and Development Permit Fee Schedule  IV-1
Tax Rebate  IV-1(a)
 Supply of Topsoil & Landscaping Boulevards  IV-2(a) 
 Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB)  IV-8(a) 
 Subdivision Application and Processing Fees  IV-10 
                                 Procurement and Disposal of Assets V
 Tangible Capital Assets  V-2(a)
 Disposal of Surplus Equipment, Police Seizures and Lost and Found Items  V-2(b) 
 Vehicle & Equipment Replacement  V-2(d) 
 Marketing of Town of Stettler Residential Lots  V-4(c) 
                                                     Utilities VI
 Water & Sewer Service-Connection Installation Charges  VI-3(c) 
 Water Meters  VI-3(d) 
 Utility Accounts Billing Corrections  VI-3(f) 
 Utility Replacement Program  VI-4(a) 
 Toilet Replacement Program  VI-5(a)
                                                   Accounting VII
 Recovery of Frontage Taxes  VII-2(c)(i) 
 Miscellaneous Fees  VII-2(d)(i) 
 Tax Recovery Administration Fees  VII-2(d)(ii) 
 Budget Policy  VII-3 
 Purchasing of Goods and Services  VII-4 
 Write-Off Bad Debt Accounts  VII-5(b) 
 Sundry Accounts Receivable Penalty  VII-5(c) 
 Miscellaneous RCMP Fees  VII-6 
 Physician Recruitment & Retention Incentive VII-7
                                                Correspondence VIII
 Miscellaneous Requests for Funds - Fundraising Initiatives  VIII-4 
                                             Community Services X
 Curbside/Lane Recycling Policy  X-1(b)
 Airport Terminal Meeting Room Rates  X-1(c) 
 Stettler Recreation Centre Rental Rates  X-1(d) 
 Community Hall Rental Rates  X-1(e)(vi) 
 Ball Diamond Rates  X-1(e)(vii) 
 Campground Fees  X-1(f) 
 Soccer Field Rates  X-1(g) 
 Memorial Tree Park  X-1(h)
 Cemetery Protocol Policy  X-1(i) 
 Control of Clubroot Disease in Canola  X-1(j)
 Airport Hanger Lease Site Lease Fees   X-1(m) 
 Complex Naming Criteria Policy   X-1(n) 
 Lifetime Achievement Award and Community Recognition  X-1(o) 
Stettler Recreation Centre Code of Conduct X-1(p)
 Major Events Policy  X-7(a) 
 Neighbourhood Block Parties  X-7(b)
 No Smoking   X-8(a)
 Proper Use of Electronic Devices  X-8(b) 
                                                 Public Relations XI
 Town of Stettler Promotional Items Distribution   XI-1 
 Town of Stettler Flag   XI-1(a) 
Public Participation Policy XI-2
                                                      Security XII
 Security Camera Policy Statement  XII-1
                                                Health and Safety XIII
 Safety   XIII-1 
 Assignment of Responsibility and Accountability for Safety  XIII-2 
                                                  Administration XIV
 Public Relations Advertising   XIV-1(a) 
 Risk Management   XIV-2 
 Retention and Destruction of Municipal Records  XIV-3
 Organizational Communication Policy  XIV-4
Logo Usage and Visual Brand XIV-5
                                                   Public Works XV
 Street Sweeping/Road Grading   XV-1(a) 
 Snow & Ice Control   XV-1(b) 
 Excavations on Town Right-of-Way and Streets   XV-1(c) 
 Curb and Walkway Replacement for Driveway Crossing  XV-1(d) 
 Street Lighting   XV-1(e) 
 Tree Removal and Replacement  XV-1(f)
 Laneway Asphalting in Town of Stettler   XV-1(g) 
 Sweeping/Grading Private Parking Lots   XV-1(h) 
 Sewer Service Line Failure   XV-1(i) 
 Sewer System Inspection and Maintenance   XV-1(j) 
 Road and Intersection Inspection and Maintenance   XV-1(k) 
 Water Main Break and Water Service Leak  XV-2(a)
 Watermain Inspection and Maintenance   XV-2(b) 
 Guidelines for Camera Inspection of Sanitary Service Lines on Private Property   XV-2(c) 
 Sidewalk and Pathways Inspection and Maintenance   XV-3(a) 
 Sidewalk Replacement   XV-3(b) 
 Playground Inspection and Maintenance   XV-4(a) 
 Bylaw Enforcement   XV-5(a) 
 Top Soil Supply Policy in a Residential Subdivision   XV-6 
                                            Economic Development XVI
 Economic Incentive Policy   XVI-4(b) 
                                               Protective Services XVII
 Fire Service Fees  XVII-1(a)