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The Water Department is proud to offer operational services to the Town of Stettler.

This sewer backup information is intended to give the occupant of the building experiencing a sanitary sewer backup a working guideline of the procedures to correct this situation:

As soon as the Town is notified of a sanitary sewer back-up, Public Works staff will check the sanitary sewer mainline passing the building. If there is no indication that the sanitary sewer main is backed up, then the back-up is a result of a problem with the sanitary sewer service line running from the building to the mainline. The building owner or occupant of the building is responsible to have the problem with the service line corrected.

If the building owner or occupant requires further investigation into the cause of the sanitary sewer service line backup, the Town bylaw requires a video inspection be conducted on the sewer service. Contact a plumber with video inspection equipment and line locator technology and arrange a video inspection of the sewer service. A representative of Public Works will review the video and will try to determine the cause of the backup.

If the cause is due to faulty pipe installation, settlement of the pipe, or other pipe deficiencies on public property only, Public Works will then compensate the building owner or occupant for costs incurred for the video inspection. Any problem in the sewer service, other than those problems listed above, are the responsibility of the building owner or occupant.

In the event that both the private side and public side of the sewer service is damaged, Public Works prefers the public side fixed first to ensure that the proper grade be maintained for the sewer service line.

If damage occurred to your premises, as a result of the backup, please contact your insurance company.

If you have any questions, please call 403-742-8305.

Residents are reminded that Bylaw #1102 PROHIBITS the discharge of surface and ground water into the sanitary system via weeping tile, roof drains or sump pumps. Water must be discharged on the ground outside the building and within the property. To help prevent flooding in others or your home, residents should contact a plumber to ensure that they are in compliance.


Signs will be posted on the corner of each block when we are working in the area. When work is complete the signs will be removed. Please, if you have problems with backups when we flush, cover all drains. You may have to fill some drains after we are done cleaning. If you have any questions, please call 403-742-8305.

Toilet Replacement Program

The Town wants to ensure that residents install toilets that perform well, meet customer satisfaction, and offer water savings. 

Checklist of items to include:

    • Original sales receipt for new toilet (purchased in Town only and having a WaterSense label)
    • Completed application form


Please ensure that you purchase a WaterSense labelled toilet to be eligible for a rebate. To verify that your product is WaterSense eligible, please use this search tool.

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