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2023 Capital Budget Approved

On January 17th, 2023, Town of Stettler Council approved the 2023 Capital Budget in the amount of $6,986,288. The budget was introduced to Council at the Capital Budget Deliberation Session on January 10th, where Department Heads from Operational Services, Parks & Leisure Services, Planning & Development, Administration and the Stettler Regional Fire Department presented their proposed expenditures.

Major projects outlined in the budget include the revitalization of the four (4) highway entrance signs bordering the community, rink board replacements in the Stettler Recreation Centre Red and Blue Arenas, and an expansion of the community’s pathway system. The maintenance of key infrastructure remains a priority, with funds allocated for general sidewalk replacement and pavement patching, the partial paving of 48th Avenue, overlay on 50th Street from 48-49th Avenue, partial watermain cast iron replacement on 50th Avenue, and upgrades to the Lift Station and Water Reservoir. Dependent on potential funding through the Government of Alberta’s Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program, the Town also hopes to partner with the County of Stettler No. 6 to enhance the runway at the Stettler Airport.

Says Mayor Sean Nolls,

"With funding uncertainty and inflation on the rise, I am always impressed when the Town team comes to us with a responsible capital budget that is still able to address all of the needs of our town – and even some ‘wants.’ Our Administration has a keen understanding of what projects can wait and how costs can be saved without ever feeling like we are taking a step down. It is this methodical thinking that makes Stettler one of the greatest places to live."

The approval of the Capital Budget follows the adoption of the 2023 Interim Operating Budget on December 20th, 2022. In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, the Capital Budget includes a five (5) year budget forecast, projecting into 2027. The 2023 Capital Budget can be viewed in full at www.stettler.net/live/taxes.

Posted on January 20 2023