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Council Approves 0% Tax Increase for Residential & Non-Residential Ratepayers

Town Council has adopted the 2022 Tax Budget of $20,239,289 with a 0% municipal property tax class change of 0% for both residential and non-residential ratepayers as of the May 17th, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council. This is the third consecutive year that Town Council has voted against a tax increase.

Several taxation options were presented to Town Council at the 2022 Tax Budget Deliberation Session on May 10th, 2022. The detrimental financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and current inflation rates were largely attributed towards this year’s decision.

Says Mayor Sean Nolls,

“Ultimately, Administration and Council both agreed that while this budget is not wholly sustainable long-term, it is the right choice for our residents and business owners this year. Everyone has had a difficult past few years financially, and this is a way we can show our support. We believe that one more year without a tax increase is manageable if it is in the best interest of our ratepayers.”

Although the municipal property tax collected has not changed from 2021, ratepayers may notice a slight difference in their total amount payable; this is due to fluctuations in the Town’s assessment base. The 2022 Tax Budget can be viewed in full at www.stettler.net/live/taxes .

As of the May 17th Council Meeting, Bylaw 2149-22 has also been amended to revert the tax payment deadline date back to the last business day of June. Combined Assessment and Tax Notices will be distributed on Friday, May 27th .

Posted on May 19 2022