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Town & County Councils Sign Modernized Joint Fire Services Agreement

The Town and County of Stettler are pleased to announce that they have signed the modernized Joint Fire Services Agreement. This new agreement introduces a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities shared between the municipalities and the fire department staff, ensuring an efficient and effective response to the evolving needs of our region.

A key aspect of this modernization is the decentralization of many responsibilities formerly managed by a single partner and the addition of a new role - the Manager of Regional Fire Services. This position, hired jointly by the Town and County of Stettler, will oversee joint concerns and operations, bridging the efforts of both municipalities for a cohesive approach to fire safety and services while allowing for Municipal Fire Chiefs to focus on operations. It is the hope of both municipalities that this new structure accounts for the increasing demands on our firefighting staff and volunteers and helps restore work-life balance to our valued fire department members. 

The Town and County of Stettler have a strong history of collaboration through numerous joint agreements. The modernized Joint Fire Services Agreement is a testament to our commitment to moving forward together as partners, continuously seeking ways to improve and adapt to the changing needs of our communities.

“We are confident this new agreement will enhance our abilities while continuing to provide top-tier fire protection services, and as always, ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents in the Town and County of Stettler,” said Larry Clarke, Reeve for the County of Stettler No. 6.

Says Town of Stettler’s Mayor Sean Nolls,

“This new agreement adds additional resources to an already successful Fire Department and its phenomenal fire fighters. Demands on fire services and how we apply them have changed drastically since our last Fire Agreement.

This new agreement will not only provide the department with helpful resources, but will enhance an already outstanding service. We look forward to further advancing our partnerships with our friends in the County.”

The Town and County of Stettler remain committed to providing high-quality services to their residents, including public safety, infrastructure, and community development, while fostering a vibrant and safe environment for all.

Posted on December 19 2023